Employment & Selection Procedures

Applications and Applicants

Position vacancies within the City of Osage Beach shall be filled by appointment, placement as an on-the-job training position, or in a temporary position as best meets the needs of the City within the currently approved classification plan. Applicants shall meet the minimum qualifications specified in the relevant job description and shall be selected on merit and qualifications. Position vacancies may be officially posted in-house to all current City employees prior to or simultaneously to being advertised to the public.

At a minimum, vacancies for City employment not filled in-house shall be advertised in a newspaper of general, local circulation and on the City's website. The City only accepts applications for current open positions and does not hold unsolicited resumes or applications.

Hiring Process

Each position opening is filled by using an applicant screening process that ensures applicants possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job as described. Interview and selection process may include, but not limited to, the following:
  • Written tests to measure job-related knowledge or aptitude in a particular area
  • Oral interview(s) to discuss job history, assess oral communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills
  • Performance tests to assess ability to perform specific job related tasks
  • Physical ability tests or medical examinations to assess ability to meet specific physical requirements of the job
  • Most City positions include pre-employment reference screening, criminal history check, and/or drug screening
  • Police Department Positions may include polygraph examinations, psychological evaluations, medical evaluations, and/or background investigations to assess specific suitability to the job

Contact Information

Questions should be directed to the Office of the HR Generalist.